Solomon and Ants

According to Quran, Solomon was given the ability to understand the language of animals. This is described as a special gift and a talent. Quran says: “And certainly We gave knowledge to Dawood and Sulaiman, and they both said: Praise be to Allah, Who has made us to excel many of His believing servants.” In other words, they were given special knowledge which no servant of Allah had… How they understood the language, we do not know. It is now widely believed, however, that certain birds such as crows do have a language and many vocalizations have been identified. As far as ants are concerned, one researcher has stated that “Ants stridulate just as skiffle musicians play their washboards: by rubbing a set of ridges attached to the posterior abdomen. Hickling and Brown find that the insects can thus create a range of different sounds that convey different messages such as ‘attack!’ or ‘watch out!’ or ‘I’m distressed!’. (Ant talk is invariably exclamatory.)” See this web site:…

And this is what the Quran says about Solomon “hearing” the ant: “So he smiled, wondering at her WORD, and said: My Lord! grant me that I should be grateful.[Emphasis is mine]. “Now this ‘word’ is probably a very low frequency sound (stridulation), saying “watch out” which Solomon was able to ‘hear’ through a special ability given by God. In Quran, the extraordinary ‘is’ presented as a special case and not a part of ordinary reality, for which no unsound rationale has ever been presented.


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