Juwairiyah belonged to the tribe of b. Mustaliq. After the war, she offered a deed for her redemption, but the Prophet (s.a.w) proposed to her and she accepted. When the Prophet married her, people realized that b.Mustaliq had become the relatives of the Prophet and were embarrassed to keep any slaves, so they immediately freed them.


6 thoughts on “Juwairiyah

  1. Herman December 17, 2013 at 9:00 pm Reply

    This provides further evidence that THERE WAS NO NEED TO ENSLAVE ANYBODY TO BEGIN WITH. Yet, Muhammad himself was a slave-owner (Koran 33:50). And Muslims refuse to condemn slavery as being immoral because this would mean that their prophet was immoral, and Muslims cannot have that. For them to believe Muhammad, they must regard Muhammad as moral and therefore must regard slavery as not immoral but moral.
    For centuries, Muslims would follow Muhammad’s “fine example,” and enslave people. Even relatively recently, there are occasional reports of Muslims enslaving people in Africa (particularly Mauritania, if I recall correctly).

    • sincereadvisor December 18, 2013 at 3:29 am Reply

      I think your information is wrong. Prophet Muhammad did not own any slaves by the time of his death. If you read my other articles on this same web site, I pointed that slavery was limited to prisoners of wars. Slaves could be ransomed, freed for the purpose of expiation of sins, and slaves could work to buy their freedom. So it was nothing like the chattel slavery as in the US. Muslims freed slaves out of the goodness of their heart, and within couple of hundred years of Islam, slavery was rather rare.

      The accusations of slavery in Sudan and Mauritania are rather based on Westernpropaganda and corruption in those countries. It has very little to do with Islam. It is only the “Christian leaders” (I assume both in Sudan and in the Western countries) who consider the inter-tribal abductions to be equivalent to slavery. I wasonce listening to a radio program where even a Sudanese Christian professor stated that the problem is not slavery but a different vision that Sudanese Christians have of their country; they want the northern Sudanese to give up their Arab and Islamic heritage. He also conceded that almost a million and a half Christian Sudanese have moved to the capital Khartoum. The question is if there truly was slavery in Sudan for the Christians, why would these Christians put themselves at the mercy of their enemies and choose to become slaves? By most accounts, these people are living at ease in the capital and have good jobs. What you are seeing is nothing but propaganda spread by Christian missionaries and Christian Conservatives, and their aim is two-fold: to gain maximum sympathy for the Christians in Sudan who are a minority and should live as a minority; and secondly to create a moral equivalence between chattel slavery, which was practiced in the United States, and what is happening in Sudan.

      Note that since the independence of South Sudan there has been NO accusation of slavery against Sudan! Why, because Christian missionaries have succeeded in their aim of carving out a Christian nation, to stop the growth of Islam further south, and Sudan is no longer important to them.

      About Mauritania: Mauritania is a democratic republic. You can read its constitution at this link, and there is nothing in there about slavery.http://www.eur.nl/frg/iacl/armenia/constitu/constit/mauritan/maurit-e.htm It says, “Believing strongly in its spiritual values and in the spreading of its civilization, it also solemnly proclaims its attachment to Islam and to the principles of democracy as they have been defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 Dec 1948 and by the African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights of 28 June 1981 as well as in the other international conventions which Mauritania has signed.”

  2. Herman December 18, 2013 at 10:40 pm Reply

    Did you read Koran 33:50, sincereadvisor? Let me provide it for you: “O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their due compensation and THOSE YOUR RIGHT HAND POSSESSES…” That part “YOUR RIGHT HAND POSSESSES” pertains to Muhammad’s slaves. The hadiths also record that he owned slaves, and that HE TRADED SLAVES TOO.
    sincereadvisor, when you write “…within a couple of hundred years of Islam, slavery was rather rare,” I truly wonder what you have succeeded in learning as you go through life. READ ABOUT THE BLOODY HISTORY OF THE MUSLIMS IN INDIA. The Hindus were particularly hated by Muslims, as they were polytheists.
    To start with, I suggest you read about Tamerlane (Timur), who, IN HIS OWN WORDS, had a particularly fierce desire to follow Muhammad by slaying infidels.

  3. sincereadvisor December 19, 2013 at 4:12 am Reply

    I already answered the issue of Slave Women in my section by that very name, which you conveniently ignored. Why? Why don’t you read it and then we can discuss.

    I know that you are referring to Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya’s statement that Prophet Muhammad owned many slaves. But that has not been corroborated by other Hadith and history books. As I stated earlier, “slaves” were in fact prisoners of wars, who could be ransomed and slaves could buy their freedom by working or even starting their own businesses. It was not like the chattel slavery in the US. You need to READ what I have written before you start commenting.

    About the bloody history of India, I answered that in great detail yesterday, including Professor Lal’s fanciful statistics. I guess you didn’t read it. If Muslims truly hated Hindus, why are there so many Hindus in India whereas there are hardly any Indians (Native Americans) left? By the way, are you a Hindu?

    Tamerlane killed a lot of Muslims too, so what’s your point?

  4. Herman December 19, 2013 at 5:17 pm Reply

    Actually, I am referring not to a hadith but THE KORAN ITSELF when I point out that Muhammad owned slaves. But if you want hadiths, here we go:
    “…So I went to the upper room where the Prophet was and requested to a black slave of his:…” Bukhari 3:43:648
    “…Allah’s Apostle had a slave called Mid’am…” Bukhari 5:59:541
    “…so I went to the upper room where the Prophet; was and said to a black slave of his…” Bukhari 7:62:119
    “Allah’s Apostle was on a journey and he had a black slave called Anjasha…” Bukhari 8:73:182
    “I came and behold, Allah’s Apostle was staying on a Mashroba (attic room) and a black slave of Allah’s Apostle was at the top if its stairs…” Bukhari 9:91:368.
    You state that slaves were “prisoners of war.” If so, do explain how Muhammad acquired his black slaves if he was fighting Arabs and Jews. I guess you might claim that perhaps there was also a black who moved north and became a Jew.
    In any case, what civilized nation uses prisoners-of-war as permanent slave labor? I guess you could say that the Soviet Union sent German prisoners-of-war to Siberia to work in the gulags (even for years after the end of WW2), but do you really want to equate your beloved Muhammad with Josef Stalin?
    You think it is great that the Muslims did not kill off all the Hindus. I lament the deaths of all the Hindus murdered by the Muslims. (And no, I am not Hindu).
    As to Tamerlane, this quote has been ascribed to him:
    “About the year 800 A.H. (1398 A.D.), there arose in my heart the desire to lead an expedition against the infidels and to become a Champion of the Faith, for it had reached my ears that the slayer of infidels is a Champion and that, if he is slain, he becomes a martyr. It was for this reason that I formed my resolution, but I was undetermined in my mind whether I should direct my expedition against the infidels of China or against the infidels and polytheists of India. In this matter I sought an omen from the Koran, and the verse to which I opened was this: ‘O Prophet, make war upon infidels and unbelievers, and treat them with severity.'” He ultimately chose India.

  5. sincereadvisor December 20, 2013 at 4:49 am Reply

    You need to understand that in Arabic the same word is used for both servant and slave, so there might be some confusion in English translations. The general view is that by the time he died, he didn’t own any slave, except for his concubine Maria Qubtia who had been given to him by Muqauqis [see my page]. He had adopted Zaid, his former slave, as his son, and who might have been Black.

    There were many Black people in Arabia. Many of them were descendants of the Ethiopian army which had conquered Arabia to avenge the slaughter of Christians by the Yemeni king, Dhu Nawas, who had converted to Judaism. Dhu Nawas had given Christians of Najran two choices: either convert to Judaism or prepare to die. They chose death. So, Dhu Nawas had a long trench dug for Christians in which they were thrown and burned alive. [Quran calls these Christians “momineen”]. When Ethiopians heard about this, they invaded Arabia and even tried to demolish the Kaaba, but it survived miraculously [this is mentioned in Quran in Surah Feel]. The Ethiopians then raped and pillaged as much as they could. Yemenis who escaped to Iran asked the Persian emperor to save their country. He did, and Persians killed thousands of Ethiopians and the remainder became slaves. Resentment against Blacks, many of them born of Ethiopian fathers and Arab/Yemeni mothers continued on for many years. But Prophet Muhammad ended this racism by claiming that Arabs and Africans are related t each other by ties of kinship and marriage. It is one of the remarkable feats of Islam that Blacks were early leaders among Muslims. Bilal, a former slave, eventually became the governor of Medina, and the delegation that went to Egypt was headed by a Black person. When the Muslim delegation arrived there, the rulers of Egypt claimed that how can a Black person lead them because Egyptians treated Blacks as inferior. But Muslims claimed that their leader was the most knowledgeable among them and deserved to lead them.

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